Cosmic Cafe Show is now listed on IMDb

Hello Patrons,

We are very proud to announce that our show, “Cosmic Cafe Show” has been ACCEPTED to the database!



The Production Team members (from the class) were included in this listing, if you find an error in your information, or wish to be removed, then please notify Eric Brown.

Congrats to Bob Sitzwohl for “The River” Wins at the Zoomies!

Hello Patrons,

We wanted to congratulate Bob Sitzwhol for his big win Saturday night at the Zoomies!

Bob had won “Audience Favorite” for his production of “The River”.

The Mid Peninsula’s 8th Biannual Zoomies was held at their Studio in Palo Alto California on Saturday evening, April 26th!

To view all the entries you can go to:

Bob is on the Production Team for the “Cosmic Cafe Show” – just in case you had not noticed his name in the credits.  🙂


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The Cosmic Cafe Show is now listed on

Hello Patrons,

I’m very excited to announce that late last night (Friday April 25th) I received an email from Nancy at Mid Pen Media’s programming department notifying me that the Cosmic Cafe Show is now listed as one of their “Current Programs”!

Here is the direct link:




European Space Agency discovers The Tadpole

Happy Friday patrons!

We found this unusual photo this morning on the European Space Agency’s flickr account and could not resist re-posting it here for your enjoyment.

The Tadpole and the Wriggler  |  Credit: ESA

The Tadpole and the Wriggler | Credit: ESA

And remember, when we say there really are “strange” things up there, well….

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Blue UFO caught on video in the Netherlands on April 11, 2014

EDITORIAL:  It is ironic that Mr. Dick Smits caught this UFO on video the very same day as we taped our PILOT episode for the Cosmic Cafe Show!

Rijnmond TV News in the Netherlands is reporting on an interesting UFO video captured by a man in the town of Maassluis. The object appears to be a large lens-shaped blue object and has no apparent means of propulsion.


Maassluis is a few miles south of The Hague, in an area surrounding Rotterdam called the Rijnmond. It is at the mouth of the Rhine River. The UFO video was captured by Maassluis resident Dick Smits at Continue reading Blue UFO caught on video in the Netherlands on April 11, 2014

Cylindrical UFO Sightings!

EDITORIAL: Thanks to Filer’s Files for this article – full article link at bottom of article.

Cylinders There are reports of large cylinder-shaped objects all over the world. There are no wings or propellers for lift that indicates some type of propulsion that overcomes gravity.

Many cylinder sightings were reported in the 1400-1500s in Germany and France in particular, with the theory that there was a war amongst alien cylinders and orbs.

At sunrise on the 14th April 1561, the citizens of Nuremberg beheld “A very frightful spectacle.” The sky appeared to fill with cylindrical objects from which red, black, orange and blue white disks and globes emerged. Crosses and tubes resembling cannon barrels also appeared whereupon the objects promptly “began to fight one another.” This event is depicted in a famous 16th century woodcut by Hans Glaser.

“Tube” indicates that these objects are hollow or at least have space inside for humanoid beings whereas a “cylinder” could be fairly solid, perhaps the outer casing houses one big…  Read More at © National UFO Center.

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Cosmic Cafe Show DVDs are now ready for the Production Team!

Hello Production Team,

As promised, I copied the master DVD for you to have a copy.  I produced 10 DVD copies, which I believe will be enough for everyone who wishes to have a copy.

I will deliver them to Karen Adams at the Mid Peninsula Media Center tonight after 6:00 pm – since I will be there to assist Toastmaster Time TV with their taping.

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Thanks again to everyone on this team project and also a HUGE thanks to all the Media Center volunteers who also assisted.


Eric D. Brown

Festivals & Conferences

Below are Conferences, Events or Festivals that we know about which you may be interested in attending:


[Rescheduled to 2015] UFO CON 2014San Jose, CA USALINK
Oct 24-25 2014Border Zone Intnl UFO FestivalPresidio, TX USALINK
Feb 18-22 2015Intnl UFO CongressScottsdale, AZLINK
Mar 21-22 2015UFO CON 2015 [replacing 2014]San Jose, CA USALINK


MUFON Symposium: UFOs and the Media


CONTACT in the Desert

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UFO CON 2014


The Border Zone UFO Festivals/Conferences are over there. The space signal said see for the complete list of UFO Festivals and Conferences.  Upcoming 2014 Festivals are listed below for your convenience.

Look! The UFO Festival is over there...
Look! The UFO Festival is over there…


International UFO Congress

Almost a UFO Crash Sighting!

However, this turns out to be just a Comet, or was it another Government cover-up?

It looks like the Asteroid had collided with something in the air also, was it an aircraft?

You decide…  Here is the video!

Thanks to my wife found this on the popular QQ Chinese social website.
Link for Credit:

Interested in being a Guest?

Are you an expert in your area of the paranormal?  We would like to hear about it and possibly consider you to be one of our future guests on the Cosmic Cafe Show.

Bear in mind that this show is currently being produced with the assistance of the Mid Peninsula Media Center – therefore our shows are “non-commercial” and therefore cannot “sell” any products or services.  We can however mention a website where someone can go to learn more about you, or the materials you have produced. Continue reading Interested in being a Guest?