A “Real” UFO Sighting…. Take a Look!

EDITORIAL:  Okay, it is not a real UFO Sighting – but in fact an artist’s rendition of the GAIA mapping satellite being launched by the ESA!  But, it does make you wonder how many “false sightings” have been reported by people.  [CCS]

Following extensive in-orbit commissioning and several unexpected challenges, Europe’s billion-star surveyor is ready to begin its mission.

The satellite was launched on 19 December 2013, and is orbiting a virtual location in space 1.5 million kilometres from Earth.

Gaia’s goal is to create the most accurate map yet of the Milky Way. It will make extremely accurate measurements of the positions and motions of about 1% of the total population of roughly 100 billion stars in our home galaxy to help answer questions about its origin and evolution.

Professor Gerry Gilmore, from the University of Cambridge and UK Principal Investigator for Gaia, said:

Gaia will be a revolution in our knowledge of the local Universe. For the first time we will have a fair sample of what is out there, where it is, how it is moving, how unseen (dark) matter is distributed, where and when stars formed and where and when the chemical elements of which we are made were created. Gaia will make a huge step towards understanding how the Milky Way came to be formed, and evolved into what we see today. For the first time, we will be able to see the Milky Way in 3-D. In fact in 6-D – where stars are, and how they are moving.

UK participation in the mission is funded by the UK Space Agency and scientists and engineers from around the UK have played key roles in the design and build of Gaia. The UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) funded the early development of the project, including the set-up of the data applications centre. STFC’s current support involves the UK exploitation of the scientific data to be yielded from the mission.

The Cambridge Gaia Data Processing Centre will be the front line in processing Gaia’s images, which will play an important role in the discovery of many thousands of transient stars and supernovae: these will be made immediately available to schools and the public for their participation in the research.

Repeatedly scanning the sky, Gaia will observe each of its billion stars an average of… [Finish Reading on UK.gov / ESA]


Episode 1004 – Paranormal Phenomena!

For this show’s Daily Special at the Café we are Brewing up Paranormal Possessions!

Have you been a victim of a Paranormal Possession?

Hundreds even thousands of people claim to have had a paranormal possession, something that has disturbed them so greatly they are even afraid to tell their own spouse about it.

How does a person get help when they feel they can’t even talk to their own loved ones?

To help us find out we have stopping by the Café another good friend, Doctor June Steiner – the current President of OPUS, which is the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support.

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Ready to fly out to Space? The UK just approved a Spaceport!

EDITORIAL:  This is really exciting – I have always believed that within my lifetime regular flights to outer space would become a reality – with this news today it is just one step closer to finally being able to book a ticket and get on one of these amazing space craft and get my opportunity to fly to the Heavens!   [CCS]

The UK’s bid to become Europe’s leading space nation took a giant leap forward today (15 July 2014) as government revealed the 8 locations now under consideration to base Britain’s first spaceport.

Speaking at Farnborough Air Show’s ‘Space Day’, Aviation Minister Robert Goodwill and Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency Dr David Parker unveiled the findings of a recent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) report highlighting 8 possible airfields that could host a spaceport and the economic opportunities it could open up for the UK.

Click to view 5MB .PDF file of this UK Spaceport (opens in new tab/window).

Government’s ambition is for a UK spaceport to open in 2018 – providing a focus for regional and international investment for growth and establishing the UK as a leader in the rapidly-expanding space market.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

Space is big business for the UK. It already contributes £11.3 billion to the economy each year, supporting nearly 35,000 jobs. That’s why it’s important for us to prepare the UK for new launcher technology and take steps towards meeting our ambition of establishing the first British spaceport by 2018.

Exploring the opportunities that commercial spaceflight presents, and potentially making strategic investments in this area, will support the growth of this thriving industry and underpin the economy of tomorrow, making the UK the place for space.

Aviation Minister Robert Goodwill said:

In order to lead the way on commercial spaceflight, we will need to establish a spaceport that enables us to operate regular flights.

The work published today has got the ball rolling – now we want to work with others to take forward this exciting project and have Britain’s first spaceport up and running by 2018.

The 8 coastal locations that could be used for a spaceport include:

The Department for Transport will consult on the criteria the CAA has identified that will make a location suitable for a spaceport. In addition to meteorological, environmental and economic factors, these include:

  • an existing runway which is, or is capable of being extended to, over 3000 metres in length
  • the ability to accommodate dedicated segregated airspace to manage spaceflights safely
  • a reasonable distance from densely populated areas in order to minimise impact on the uninvolved general public

Following the consultation further work will be done to develop locations which remain on the shortlist.

This would include seeking the views of local people and other stakeholders before any decisions are taken to proceed with any planned spaceport.

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“Space without the “Space”!!!

EDITORIAL:  This is a fun illustration which was brought to my attention by Austin, who is a new friend and new Crew member for future episodes of the Cosmic Cafe!   Check it out, it is pretty humorous, while interesting!  [CCS]

Illustration: “Space without the Space” | Credit: http://xkcd.com/


Possibly How Aliens Can Control Our Brains using light-sensitive Protein!

EDITORIAL:  We have heard for decades accounts by Alien abductees that they were somehow “mind controlled” – some have even mentioned a light being shined on them.  

Could this new groundbreaking research out of MIT and the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Switzerland be real proof which confirms this science really does exist?  [CCS]

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 30, 2014 — A new molecule, along with optogenetics, has put brain control in the hands of scientists.

Researchers from MIT developed the protein, which is sensitive to red light and enables neurons to be manipulated noninvasively, as the controlling light source is outside the body. In addition, the new protein opsin allows a larger volume of tissue to be influenced simultaneously.

In their experiments, the researchers were able to essentially shut down neural activity in the brains of mice using a light source outside the skull. This suppression of activity penetrated as deeply as 3 mm into the brain.

The new technique was found to be as effective as existing neural silencers, which use other colors of light and rely on invasive methods, such as implanted optical fibers.

The researchers have been searching for a noninvasive alternative to study neurons, first looking into naturally occurring microbes and other organisms that already use opsins to detect light. They identified two light-sensitive chloride ion opsins as a possibility because they respond to red light, which has been shown to penetrate deeper into living tissue than blue or green light.

However, the researchers found that these did not produce enough photocurrent to control neuron activity.

To overcome this challenge, Amy Chuong, a graduate student at MIT and one of the researchers on this study, engineered a relative of chloride ion. Called Jaws, the new protein retains the same red light sensitivity, but also features a stronger photocurrent.

“This exemplifies how the genomic diversity of the natural world can yield powerful reagents that can be of use in biology and neuroscience,” said Edward Boyden, an associate professor of biological engineering and brain and cognitive sciences at MIT and leader of this study.

The MIT team furthered its study beyond the basic neural control, in collaboration with researchers at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Switzerland, next testing Jaws’ ability to restore the light sensitivity of retinal cone cells.

They examined mice suffering from… [FINISH READING]

Episode 1003 – How Do UFOs Get to Earth?

The 3rd Episode for Cosmic Cafe answers the question of just How Do UFOs Get to Earth?  Guest via an internet link is Robert L. Schroeder who wrote the comprehensive book “Solving the UFO Enigma“.

Bob puts in to fairly simple terms very complex Quantum Mechanics and modern science that just may now explain how UFOs are capable of crossing great distances in just matters of minutes or hours.

In this episode, I am also joined in studio by Ruben Uriarte, my guest on the PILOT Episode of the Cosmic Cafe, and you may remember that Ruben is the Northern California Director, and International Affairs Coordinator for MUFON.

Have you every just wondered if UFOs are real, then how in the heck do they cross the Galaxy to get to us here on Earth?

Mr. Schroeder’s Book: “Solving the UFO Enigma” talks about how modern physics like Quantum Mechanics, coupled with the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland are revealing new technology that just may explain UFOs!