Our 30th TV Station Joined The Cosmic Cafe Today!

TGIF Patrons!

Today we are proud to announce we have reached a new milestone in the growth of our Cosmic Cafe TV Show.

With the addition of Nutmeg TV out of Farmington, Connecticut we now have 30 TV Stations who are broadcasting the Cosmic Cafe Show.


But, it gets even better – with Nutmeg TV‘s 72,000 viewers that puts the Cosmic Cafe Show now at 2 Million+ potential viewers!

Yes, we are really excited that our show is growing so quickly with such success – we are so happy to be just another living example that Public Access Television (PEG TV) can be popular and of value to the public interest!  Thank You for watching!  [CCS]

Jeff Krause’s Bio

Jeff-Krause_HRes_150x150Born in 1960, Jeff Krause has been interested in the subject of U.F.O.s ever since an experience in 1964 outside of Deming, New Mexico while on the way to the New York World’s Fair, and a second incident in the late ‘70s.

He has studied computer science, physics, and electronic engineering at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, CA, and has been a professional musician since 1976.

Winner of multiple awards for photography, his interests returned to the U.F.O. field after hearing an episode of Coast To Coast A.M. with Art Bell back in 2000 when he interviewed John Lear.

As one of the first researchers to get to the Chualar crop circle, Jeff was able to obtain photographs, HD Video, magnetometer readings, and plant samples, and heard firsthand what spectators and people who worked in the area had to say about the mysterious pattern. That story was covered by Linda Moulton Howe in three parts, on her website at: www.earthfiles.com

Since then Jeff has become not only a Field Investigator for MUFON, but is also the State Section Director of Tri-County Section.  He will be kicking off MUFON Tri-County on November 2nd, with a very special guest speaker, from “Ancient Aliens”, Mike Bara.

Jeff has also investigated many fascinating case, the most notable “The SLO UFO”, and the “Encounter At Edwards”, which can be found on the UFO Digest website: www.ufodigest.com

You can learn more on the brand new website, launching in just a few more days at: www.mufontri-county.com

Jennifer Hosel’s Bio

Jenny-Hosel_150x150Jennifer Hosel is the Tech Manager for Alameda Paranormal Researchers.

She acquires, builds, modifies and maintains a variety of equipment, and trains team members to use the items in the field.

She has been with the team for five years and participated in investigations throughout the country. Some of her favorite places to investigate include, the USS Hornet in Alameda CA, Birdcage Theater in Tombstone AZ, and Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park near Porterville, CA.

Her favorite aspect of investigating is getting the opportunity to learn about the history of locations. She has been less active in investigations lately, as she gave birth to her daughter, Corlis, in January 2014.

Welcome Stoneham TV

Happy Friday Patrons,

Today we are excited to announce our 29th Station which is now carrying the Cosmic Cafe Show!


Joining us via our syndicator TelVue is Stoneham TV with 22,000 viewers/subscribers through their Comcast, RCN and Verizon channels in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

We hope your viewers love our show as much as we love producing the Cosmic Cafe Show!  [CCS]

Welcome Chabot College

Hello Cafe Patrons,

Today I’m especially happy to welcome Chabot College TV since they service the San Francisco East Bay Market,  where I happen to currently live!

Finally I can watch my own TV Show on my own local Comcast Channel 27 and/or via the local AT&T U-verse Channel at my house!

Chabot College TV

I’m also very proud to mention that with the addition of my local Chabot College TV Station, they make our 28th TV Station to start carrying the Cosmic Cafe Show!

With the addition of their 90,000 potential subscribers / viewers this pushes the Cosmic Cafe Show’s viewership up to 1.9 Million potential viewers!  [CCS]

Ellis Byrd’s Bio

Ellis-ByrdBorn in Swindon England

Founder – Gussethunters Paranormal, Gussethunters USA/UK, Gussethunters West Coast
Former Director – Haunted Mansfield Ohio. Bissman Building plus 7 other locations.
Volunteer – USS Hornet Museum

Promoter – Oakland Aviation Museum, San Leandro Train Depot
Author – “What The Hell Was That?“- the trials and tribulations of an English ghost hunter in the USA & Never trust a $20 motel
Honorary member – Alameda Paranormal Researchers.
Television and Radio appearances throughout the USA.
Public Speaker

S2_Book_What-The-Hell-Was-That_Ellis-ByrdEllis Byrd is also an Author of “What The Hell Was That?“- the trials and tribulations of an English ghost hunter in the USA.  Available from Lulu.com & Amazon.com (Kindle)

Promoter – Speedway Events, Oakland Aviation Museum, USS Hornet

Robert H. Evans’ Bio

Bob-EvansRobert Henry Evans JR.
Born January 1ST, 1959
Raised and schooled here in San Francisco, California.
High School GED
Married to HS Sweet Hart in 1977.
Joined US ARMY in 1978 … Honorably Discharged.
Worked several types of jobs.
San Mateo College for Reserve Police Officer’s Class 1998-90
Ran for U.S. Congress, 12TH Congressional District, as a Republican in 1996 and 1998
Started Researching Nibiru, and the Anunnaki in 2006
Was in several Youtube Videos talking about the NASA Satellite Camera Images around 2008, and on several Internet Radio Shows talking about them in 2013
Was a speaker at UFOCON2013, in November of 2013
Was on a few more Internet Radio Shows talking about the Anunnaki with Dr. Sasha Lessin, and his Wife Janet Lessin, early in 2014.

header2[1]To learn more about Bob’s work in the Paranormal, visit his website at: http://www.StarshipsAroundTheSun.com/

She Mathmatically Describes The Multiverse and Wins Math’s Top Prize!

EDITORIAL:  This little gem of an article nearly slipped past me, but luckily I read in to its 3rd paragraph – and Bonanza it is about a topic that should be of interest to our Patrons of the Cosmic Cafe Show!  [CCS]

A woman has won the maths world’s “Nobel prize” for the first time. Maryam Mirzakhani of Stanford University, California, received the Fields medal today at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul, South Korea.

The Fields medalThe medal is awarded once every four years to at most four recipients, who must be aged under 40 at the start of that year. All the previous 52 Fields medallists, dating back to 1936, have been male.

Mirzakhani, who is Iranian, studies the geometry of moduli space, a complex geometric and algebraic entity that might be described as a universe in which every point is itself a universe. Mirzakhani described the number of ways a beam of light can travel a closed loop in a two-dimensional universe. To answer the question, it turns out, you cannot just stay in your “home” universe – you have to understand how to navigate the entire multiverse. Mirzakhani has shown mathematicians new ways to navigate these spaces.

Mirzakhani first attracted international attention as a… [Continue]

Failure of Supersymmetry Theory Lends Support to Alternate Theory that May Also Explain UFO Technology

By Robert L. Schroeder 7-25-14

00_Slide_Scientific-American-May-2014The cover of the May 2014 Scientific American magazine proclaims that there is: “A Crisis in Physics”. The subtitle states: “If Supersymmetry Doesn’t Pan Out, Scientists Need a New Way to Explain the Universe”. What is this all about? Furthermore what possible connection could this crisis in physics have to UFO technology? In this article I will briefly explain the potential implications of these interesting developments in modern physics.

Recently I have had the opportunity to appear on two Cosmic Café shows with host Eric Brown and NorCal MUFON Director Ruben Uriarte to talk about my book titled “Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs”. One of the most important questions in modern physics that we talked about on the show is something called the hierarchy problem.

The hierarchy problem relates to the puzzle of why the gravity force is exponentially weaker than the other three forces of nature, namely: electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force. The hierarchy problem can also be equivalently stated as the question of why the masses of known subatomic particles are so small compared to the so called Planck mass which is the mass where gravity becomes as strong as the other forces. In quantum mechanics theory it is believed that subatomic particles will take on the highest mass possible in our universe via a process called quantum contributions.

Despite this prediction the known subatomic particles…  remain much lighter than would be expected.

There are two basic types of subatomic particles in nature which are the matter particles and force particles. Electrons, neutrinos and quarks are examples of matter particles. Quarks are subcomponents of particles found in the nucleus of atoms like protons and neutrons. Examples of force particles would be the photon that carries the electromagnetic force and the gluons which carry the strong Continue reading Failure of Supersymmetry Theory Lends Support to Alternate Theory that May Also Explain UFO Technology

Was A UFO captured in this @NikiBenz Photo I Found?

Hello Cafe Patrons,

I happened upon this recent photo in a Twitter Feed posted by @NikiBenz.


The original photo (without my markups) is on her Instagram with the following message/credits:

I was just about to move on to something else, then luckily I noticed a strange “object” hovering just above, and to the right, of the tree in the background on the left side of the photo.

“What is that?” I thought, “Could it possibly be a UFO?”

I am not the UFO expert, but I did send it to a guest of the Cosmic Cafe, as well as my friend, Ruben Uriarte.

If you have watched Episode #1 or #3 you will know that Ruben is the Northern California Director for MUFON.

I asked Ruben to take a look, and let us know what his conclusion is.  I will update this post later when I get his findings, if any. [CCS]