Episode 1007 – Leaked! NASA Photos of UFOs!

For today’s Daily Special at the Café we are Brewing up the Question of did NASA suppress images of UFOs which showed up on their own Cameras?

Does NASA have an agenda to hide evidence of Starships in our upper Atmosphere and around our Planet and the Sun? If so, why?

To help us answer these questions today is Mr. Robert Evans, who is a native San Franciscan, has served our Country in the Military.

Bob has distinguished himself by not just talking’ about issues – he stepped up and ran for the US Congress two separate times.

In 2006 Bob started his life long passion researching these questions about Aliens and UFOs and today I am honored to have him here at the Café… Welcome to the Café Bob!

Sommer Carter’s Bio

Sommer-CarterSommer is an Engineer by day and a paranormal investigator by night.  She has traveled the globe in search of paranormal phenomena and has worked with investigators all around the world.  She is the founder of the resident paranormal team to the USS Hornet museum, Alameda Paranormal Researchers.  She has combined her love of philanthropy with her curiosity of the paranormal by coordinating fundraising events for haunted historic locations throughout the United States.
You can find work by Sommer on the Bio Channel, various web and radio shows, local magazines and newspapers, and on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.  She recently wrapped filming on a paranormal themed documentary titled “A Brush with Evil” that is due out early next year.
Alameda-Paranormal-ResearchSommer takes a science based approach to investigating the paranormal and can be found often experimenting with new and existing technologies and ideas to take her investigation techniques to the next level.  She hopes to capture her most head-scratching moments on film to share with the world or at the very least have fun with it all.

Ted Peters’ Bio


Ted has authored, co-authored, edited, and co-edited more than two dozen books. The topics range from sin and evil to the future of God and to points where science and religion clash and cooperate. Translations have appeared in Korean, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian Bahassa. His scholarly task is to subject culture to theological analysis, to uncover hidden spiritual dimensions behind secular language and secular thinking. His new venture as an author is a series of espionage thrillers with an enigmatic heroine, Leona Foxx.

Book-UFOs Gods ChariotsTed appeared on the 2-part Season 1 Finale for Cosmic Cafe Show with his latest book, a re-release of his original 1970’s book: “UFOs: God’s Chariots?”


From 1993 to 2007 Ted served as editor-in-chief for Dialog, A Journal of Theology. Along with Robert John Russell he founded the journal, Theology and Science, and continues as co-editor. He has also served as “Science and Religion” editor for Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Volumes IV-VIII, and for the Encyclopedia of Religion, 2nd edition, 2005.


For three decades Ted has taught systematic theology and ethics in Berkeley at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, the Graduate Theological Union, the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, and eco-ethics at the University of California at Berkeley.


Ted is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

To learn more about Ted and his many books, please visit his webiste: TedsTimelyTake.com