URGENT! Nibiru approaches our Planet – Report by Bob Evans

Thursday | December 11, 2014 @ 9:15pm (PST)
The following information and photos below were sent to me by Bob Evans who was my guest on Episode 1007 “Leaked Nasa Photos of UFOs” – Bob has many friends globally who are reporting sighting Nibiru….  
Here is his brief report – and information about the Radio Programs he will appear on Friday the 12th, and Saturday the 13th of Dec.
~ Eric
UPDATE @ 11:50pm Dec 11th – see bottom for a pic out of WuHan China!
OK, the first two photos attached (below) here are from my Facebook friend Jennifer, from Orlando Florida …
The first one has her name, time and date on the photo …
The second image sent by Jennifer, was taken from a different camera, looking upward, at the same object seen in the skies, but, the wings are the same as the first photo.

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I will be on the Dr. Sasha Lessin & Janet Lessin Radio Show Friday Night (Dec. 12th) at 5 to 7 PM, PST, and we will be talking about Nibiru being seen in our Skies for the first time in 3,600 years.
I will be on another Radio show, with Ivy West (Name will be given in another e-mail), on Saturday, Dec 13th … (Time will be given in the morning)
I have been on several Radio shows with the Lessin’s, and on a video with the Cosmic Cafe Show, # 1007
~ Bob
UPDATE @ 11:50 pm (PST) Dec. 11th, 2014
My wife just got this image from China thru WeChat.
It was spotted Dec. 11th at 5:00pm in Central China, City of WuHan!!!!
Holy Cow!!!  It looks like one of your pics of Nibiru.
~ Eric