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There are several fascinating probes that has provide with their easy links – including the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (link) which seems to show fairly detailed images on both the dark side and light side of the Moon!


I found out about this via the original article, which I have excerpted below:

Like to chase space probes? Track all active ones from moon and beyond

Crave’s Michael Franco talks with the women who built, a colorful and easy-to-use new website that schools you on almost 30 active probes in our solar system.

When Ariel Waldman and Lisa Ballard took a look around space-related Internet sites recently, they discovered something missing. There weren’t any sites that provided a comprehensive picture of all the space probes drifting through our solar system. So on Thursday, February 19, the women launched a mission of their own:

The new website delivers the details on 29 active space probes. These, Waldman told me, include any satellite with which we still… Continue reading on

Contact in the Desert – May 2015 – Win Tickets!

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Mystery Mars Plume Astounds Astronomers!

Plumes seen reaching high above the surface of Mars are causing a stir among scientists studying the atmosphere on the Red Planet.On two separate occasions in March and April 2012, amateur astronomers reported definite plume-like features developing on the planet.The plumes were seen rising to altitudes of over 250 km above the same region of Mars on both occasions. By comparison, similar features seen in the past have not exceeded 100 km.

“At about 250 km, the division between the atmosphere and outer space is very thin, so the reported plumes are extremely unexpected,” says Agustin Sanchez-Lavega of the Universidad del País Vasco in Spain, lead author of the paper reporting the results in the journal Nature.

High-altitude plume on Mars

The features developed in less than 10 hours, covering an area of up to… Continue Reading On ESA Website

Jesse Marcel’s TYPHOON F1 : The World’s First Flying Sports Car!

Jesse Marcel, III

Today it was my pleasure to contribute with purchasing “The Works” and support the TYPHOON F1’s Indigogo Campaign, which just launched this morning!

Jesse Marcel, III is one of our future guests on the Cosmic Cafe Show, and if you don’t recognize his name, but is sounds familiar to you, Jesse is the grandson of Captain Jesse Marcel from the famed 1947 UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

Support the Indigogo Campaign of the TYPHOON F1

Below is a video about the TYPHOON F1

Connecting land dwellers to the sky– the Typhoon represents a leap forward to an amazing future.

Go to Jesse’s Indigogo Campaign to learn more and contribute!   LINK

Thanks for helping, even if it is just a small amount, every contributor to the campaign will help bring the future to today!

Also, please stay tuned friends, I will be announcing Jesse’s appearance on the Cosmic Cafe Show, to talk about this campaign for the TYPHOON F1, and maybe I will even be able to get Jesse to discuss what his Grandfather told him, with regard to the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

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We keep GROWING – Thanks Bourne Community TV for being #41

Today we grew once again by adding another GREAT Community Access Station!

Welcome Bourne Community TV located in Buzzards Bay, MA.

We are now 41+ TV Stations with well over 2.4 Million potential viewers and could not be happier!  What a welcome in to the Month of February.

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Episode 1010 – Researching Hauntings and the Paranormal

For today’s Daily Special at the Café we are Brewing up frightful Hauntings and Paranormal events!

What is going on? Why are more Paranormal events happening?

To help us answer these questions today is Sommer Carter, founder of the Alameda Paranormal Researchers, and who has been deeply involved with solving these questions and researching these bone-chilling haunting and paranormal events for over five years now…

Sommer also shares with us the movie project she recently participated in, which was based on the hit book: A Brush With Evil.

To Read Sommer’s Bio – click here