Currently the Cosmic Cafe Show is taped at the studios of Mid Peninsula Media Center, then broadcast on one of their channels. The Mid Peninsula Mecia Center is located in Palo Alto, California.

logo-MC[1]     Link:  http://midpenmedia.org/cosmic-cafe-show/

The format for the production of the show is 28:30 minutes per episode, and a minimum of 1 show is produced “live to tape” once a month.  

Immediately the show is then uploaded (without bars & tone) to our YouTube Channel for international distribution.  

The actual broadcast date on Television / Cable will vary per market as we expand the show geographically.  

Where the Cosmic Cafe Show can be viewed:

Our YouTube Channel:

     Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/cosmiccafeshow

Television Broadcast Channels: 

Note:  If you are a non-profit community broadcast channel and would like to air the Cosmic Cafe, please use either of our two syndicators: PegMedia.org or TelVue.com


Go to PegMedia.org and download our show today.

Here is the Show’s direct link: http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/1018/detail

telvue_logo[1]Or go to your Station’s TelVue account and subscribe to our show’s Syndication

LINK: http://www.telvue.com/products/telvue-connect/telvue-connect-media-exchange/join-the-telvue-connect-media-exchange/

Otherwise, please contact us using the form:


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