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Carlos A Guzman’s Bio

Carlos-A-GuzmanBorn in Mexico City, Carlos A. Guzmán developed a strong interest in UFOs after experiencing one of the largest UFO waves in Mexico, back in the summer of 1965, during which Mexican newspapers reported multiple sightings on a daily basis. Carlos received his B.A. in Business Administration from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1976 and his MBA at the University of the Americas in 1979. Professionally, he has worked with a number of transnational companies in Mexico, including Warner Lambert, Bristol-Myers, Sunbeam-Oster and presently with SCA Hygiene Products.
In 1977, Carlos attended “The First International UFO Congress” in Acapulco, Mexico, where he met many of  the top UFO researchers of that time. Also he became a member of the legendary APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) as the representative for Mexico.
He has written articles for several international UFO magazines, such as Spain’s Stendek, Chile’s Center of Investigation in Rocketry and Astronomy, as well as the Mexican periodical Extraterrestrial Contact. His articles also appear in the Mexican magazine UFO Contact.
In July of 1991, Carlos appeared in a nationally-broadcast TV show about UFOs called “What Do You Think?” The program was aired live for 11 hours and ten minutes and received one of the highest ratings ever on Mexican TV. Afterward, also in 1991, he was interviewed by the two most important Spanish TV Networks in the U.S.A. – Telemundo and Univision. Since 1991 he has been director of the Center of Research for UFO Phenomenon (CIFEEEAC), whose mission is to collect and disseminate UFO research. Since 1992, he has served as MUFON´s State Director for Distrito Federal (Mexico City). Carlos was later appointed as MUFON’s National Representative for Mexico. In 1995, Carlos finished his first book titled Testimonios OVNI (UFO Testimonies). In 1996 he was the first Mexican citiizen to be invited to speak at the annual MUFON International UFO Symposium in Greensboro, North Carolina.
In 1997, he co-authored “The Lomas UFO Video in Mexico City -True or False?” – an expose of the famous hoax  “Lomas del Chamizal UFO” video, which was supposedly recorded on August 6th, 1997. In 2001, Carlos published his 3rd book called Sindrome del Contactado (Contacte Syndrome) and in October of 2001 published Los OVNIS y la Aviación Mexicana (UFOs and Mexican Aviation). This latter book , in particular, received very high marks from the international UFO research community. In 2003, Carlos published the book Galería Extraterrestre (Extraterrestrial Gallery).He is currently working on several additional books about the ET phenomenon in Mexico. Because of his expertise and long experience in the field, Carlos appears very frequently on television and radio in his native country of Mexico.
UFOs Over Mexico: Encounters with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena  is a revised, updated English translation of a classic work of UFO research, Ovnis y la Aviación Mexicana, by Carlos Guzman and Alfonso Salazar.  This new English edition was prepared by authors Noe Torres of Texas and Ruben Uriarte of California.  This is not a case of simply translating the original work from 2001,” Torres said, “We essentially re-wrote the book, with cooperation from the authors, to make it more relevant to persons who are not familiar with Mexico’s history, geography, or culture. We condensed the book down a bit to focus on the strongest cases and added some of the cases that Ruben Uriarte and I have worked on ourselves – for example, three reported UFO crashes along the Texas-Mexico border. Also, the original book only covered cases through the year 2000. We went in and added more recent cases. So, in a way, this is an entirely new work.”
UFOs Over Mexico: Encounters with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena  is available at:

Secretary of State Cordell (served: 1933-1944) Hull Saw Aliens!

EDITORIAL:  You want credibility for an Alien and UFO sighting?  Well my friends, read on, this one blew my mind!  And yes, I think this guy has tons of credibility!  Thanks for Filer’s Files #24 (2014) for this!  CCS

Secretary of State Cordell Hull
Secretary of State Cordell Hull

Washington D.C. — William E. Jones Ohio MUFON reports, “This information has recently been given to researchers by descendants of Secretary of State Cordell Hull who was the longest serving Secretary of State. He held the position for 11 years (1933–1944) in the administration of President Franklin Roosevelt and during much of World War II.

Hull received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945 for his role in establishing the United Nations, and was referred to by President Roosevelt as the “Father of the United Nations“.   He told his family he saw four large glass-like jars holding four creatures and a wrecked round craft of some kind being kept in a subbasement in the US Capitol building in 1939. Continue reading Secretary of State Cordell (served: 1933-1944) Hull Saw Aliens!

Disc – shaped UFO filmed passing near a plane over Belgium on 25th April 2014

If this video is authentic, it is truly an amazing video.


It was filmed by Eric Giavedoni and published on UFOvni2012′s YouTube channel.

The video shows a disc shaped craft exit a cloud next to a large passenger jet and speed away at a very high rate of speed.

The video was filmed with a 300mm lens pointing skyward over Belgium on April 25, 2014. You be the judge.

Read More: © National UFO Center

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CIA Director “It is Time for Truth about UFOs”

EDITORIAL: Thanks to Filer’s Files #18 (2014) and the National UFO Center for this article.

“It is time for the truth to be brought out… Behind the scenes high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.  I urge immediate Congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about unidentified flying objects.”

Former CIA Director Vice Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, signed statement to Congress, August 22, 1960.  A true patriot.

To Read More: © National UFO Center

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Blue UFO caught on video in the Netherlands on April 11, 2014

EDITORIAL:  It is ironic that Mr. Dick Smits caught this UFO on video the very same day as we taped our PILOT episode for the Cosmic Cafe Show!

Rijnmond TV News in the Netherlands is reporting on an interesting UFO video captured by a man in the town of Maassluis. The object appears to be a large lens-shaped blue object and has no apparent means of propulsion.


Maassluis is a few miles south of The Hague, in an area surrounding Rotterdam called the Rijnmond. It is at the mouth of the Rhine River. The UFO video was captured by Maassluis resident Dick Smits at Continue reading Blue UFO caught on video in the Netherlands on April 11, 2014

Cylindrical UFO Sightings!

EDITORIAL: Thanks to Filer’s Files for this article – full article link at bottom of article.

Cylinders There are reports of large cylinder-shaped objects all over the world. There are no wings or propellers for lift that indicates some type of propulsion that overcomes gravity.

Many cylinder sightings were reported in the 1400-1500s in Germany and France in particular, with the theory that there was a war amongst alien cylinders and orbs.

At sunrise on the 14th April 1561, the citizens of Nuremberg beheld “A very frightful spectacle.” The sky appeared to fill with cylindrical objects from which red, black, orange and blue white disks and globes emerged. Crosses and tubes resembling cannon barrels also appeared whereupon the objects promptly “began to fight one another.” This event is depicted in a famous 16th century woodcut by Hans Glaser.

“Tube” indicates that these objects are hollow or at least have space inside for humanoid beings whereas a “cylinder” could be fairly solid, perhaps the outer casing houses one big…  Read More at © National UFO Center.

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Episode 1001 – PILOT – UFO Sightings

Have you seen a UFO?  For today’s Special at the Café we are Brewing up UFO SIGHTINGS!

Some are real, some are faked and some are just Unexplained!  To help us sort this out we have stopping by the Café our good Friend, Ruben Uriarte – the Northern California Director for MUFON – the Mutual UFO Network – Welcome Ruben!

The PILOT Episode for Cosmic Cafe was produced by Eric Brown and the March / April 2014 TV Studio Class at Mid Peninsula Media Center, Palo Alto California.

To learn more about the Mid Peninsula Media Center and their classes, visit:

Thanks to everyone involved including the Teachers, Volunteers and my fellow Class Students.

Our First TV Show and Interview – April 2014

For our Pilot TV Show, we are interviewing Ruben Uriarte.

Ruben-Uriarte_Image_300x300Ruben has co-authored several books on UFOs including The Coyame Incident, Mexico’s Roswell and Aliens in the Forest to name a few.

Ruben also moonlights as the Northern California Director for MUFON.

We will be interviewing him Friday evening, April 11th 2014 in our Studios located in Palo Alto, California.

Special Thanks


We would like to offer special thanks to the Mid Peninsula Media Center for the use of their Studio and Production Facility.  If you are interested in learning more about this great organization, then visit their website at:

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