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Cosmic Cafe Show now has 16 Stations with over 1 Million Viewers!

What great news to deliver on the 4th of July – our Nation’s Independence Day!

As of today thanks to our two Syndication services and the Cosmic Cafe Show is being shown on 16 Stations with a potential viewership of OVER 1,000,000 (million) Viewers!

Thanks to all the current and future guests as well as my SUPER AWESOME Staff and Volunteers for making the Cosmic Cafe Show a reality!  🙂

Happy 4th of July to all of you!

The Cosmic Cafe Show is now listed on

Hello Patrons,

I’m very excited to announce that late last night (Friday April 25th) I received an email from Nancy at Mid Pen Media’s programming department notifying me that the Cosmic Cafe Show is now listed as one of their “Current Programs”!

Here is the direct link: