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Space, UFOs, Aliens, Abductions, Bigfoot, Ghosts and Hauntings as well as the Video clip which caught our eye today!

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01 - Top Story[Top Story]  Before we start today’s headlines,  Buzz Aldrin will be at the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Center next week to do a public book signing!

Can I just geek out right here and right now!!!

I normally don’t get “star-struck” by celebrities – but when you get the chance to meet a true living legend who had actually “hob-nobbed” with and in the Stars, well… I’m geeking out!

I just wish he was there earlier this month while I was there as part of the #NASAsocial group to watch the #Cygnus resupply rocket launch!  Next time…  

02 - Space or UFO[Space / UFO]  First up on today’s UFO and Space headlines,  according to this tweet by UFO Sightings, a giant bright UFO was caught above Colorado!

You’ll be fascinated by these witness accounts – according to them, the craft was “emitting such a bright light it made there eyes water.”

So, does the Sun also make their eyes water?…. Just wondering!

03 - Aliens[Aliens]  For our Aliens and Extraterrestrials category today,  well, is this serendipity or what?

Our Top Story is about Buzz Aldrin and now our Aliens category also is about a popular video on YouTUBE (which we linked) where Buzz is quoted as saying that Aliens Do exist.  We’ll play a clip of this video at the end of tonight’s show!

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05 - Abduction[Abduction / Experiencer]  Thanks to Jimmy Church and several others for retweeting this humorous take on the LEGO™ Alien Abduction toy set.

Just in time for Christmas, and what better way to acquaint your little ones than by getting them their own LEGO™ Alien Abduction Set!!!….

Good Grief, why didn’t they have these when I was a kid?

06 - BigFoot[Big Foot]   Now this is interesting, The NFL Retweet had sent out this very “official” statement today……  Okay, moving on!

Uh, before I go, I will note that our friends Dorset Ghost follow the NFL Retweet, not that that has anything at all to do with this Bigfoot tweet….

07 - Ghosts or Hauntings[Ghosts / Hauntings]   Thanks for the warning from – the Enfield Poltergeist may be featuring the Amityville Investigation…..

When I was a kid, my Aunt took me and my sister to the drive in movies – I still remember it like it was last night – because she took us to see a really nice Double-Feature!

Yes, we as “chillins” were thrown in, feet first, to the whole ghost and horror genre by being forced to watch both: “The Shinning” and “Amityville Horror” back-to-back!!!….

07a - Ghosts or HauntingsYes, that does explain’ a lot, especially about my lil twisted sister!  (80’s Big Hair Rock Band reference – not intended)….

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Today’s Video which caught our Eye is:

Describing this video:  Was the Interview heavily edited?  Are people reading way too much in to what Buzz said?  Did Buzz and the crew really see a UFO and proof of Alien life?  It sure makes you really want to know…

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