Failure of Supersymmetry Theory Lends Support to Alternate Theory that May Also Explain UFO Technology

By Robert L. Schroeder 7-25-14

00_Slide_Scientific-American-May-2014The cover of the May 2014 Scientific American magazine proclaims that there is: “A Crisis in Physics”. The subtitle states: “If Supersymmetry Doesn’t Pan Out, Scientists Need a New Way to Explain the Universe”. What is this all about? Furthermore what possible connection could this crisis in physics have to UFO technology? In this article I will briefly explain the potential implications of these interesting developments in modern physics.

Recently I have had the opportunity to appear on two Cosmic Café shows with host Eric Brown and NorCal MUFON Director Ruben Uriarte to talk about my book titled “Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs”. One of the most important questions in modern physics that we talked about on the show is something called the hierarchy problem.

The hierarchy problem relates to the puzzle of why the gravity force is exponentially weaker than the other three forces of nature, namely: electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force. The hierarchy problem can also be equivalently stated as the question of why the masses of known subatomic particles are so small compared to the so called Planck mass which is the mass where gravity becomes as strong as the other forces. In quantum mechanics theory it is believed that subatomic particles will take on the highest mass possible in our universe via a process called quantum contributions.

Despite this prediction the known subatomic particles…  remain much lighter than would be expected.

There are two basic types of subatomic particles in nature which are the matter particles and force particles. Electrons, neutrinos and quarks are examples of matter particles. Quarks are subcomponents of particles found in the nucleus of atoms like protons and neutrons. Examples of force particles would be the photon that carries the electromagnetic force and the gluons which carry the strong nuclear force. Matter particles are referred to as fermions and force particles are called bosons. The mass scale of the known particles is referred to as the weak scale mass by physicists. So why is the weak scale mass so much less than the Planck scale mass?

In the 1970’s a theory was developed called supersymmetry that was able to explain the weak scale masses. Supersymmetry proposed that for every known fermion there was an undetected boson partner particle and for every known boson there was an undetected fermion partner particle. These ‘superpartner’ particles were theorized to have certain quantum mechanical properties that prevented the known particles from picking up quantum contributions from Planck scale mass particles that would have made the known particles much heavier than they actually are. If the known particles had Planck scale masses the universe as we know it could not exist. That is why supersymmetry has been so important to modern physics. It was believed that the reason we could not find the superpartners was because they were too heavy to be detected in existing particle accelerators. But physicists were confident that the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland would find the lightest of the superpartners.

Unfortunately the recent initial run of the LHC failed to find any evidence of the superpartners. This is the cause of the crisis in physics that was headlined on the front cover of the May 2014 Scientific American. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that an alternative theory to explain the hierarchy problem has been developed by a Harvard physicist and another physicist from John Hopkins University. Their theory is called Warped Geometry.

Warped Geometry can also explain how UFOs travel to planet earth…

Warped Geometry proposes that there is one extra large dimension in our universe meaning that we live in a five dimensional universe rather than just four dimensions. Their theory is able to explain the hierarchy problem in a convincing way.  In my two Cosmic Café shows with Eric we discuss how Warped Geometry solves the hierarchy problem. Readers can view these shows to see how this theory works. But the exciting thing for those of us researching the UFO phenomenon is that it looks like Warped Geometry can also explain how UFOs travel to planet earth and how they can perform inertia defying acrobatics in earth’s atmosphere. This is why the failure of supersymmetry is so significant since it strengthens the case for Warped Geometry which in turn is a theory that looks like it can explain UFO technology.

How Warped Geometry explains the hierarchy problem and potentially UFO technology is discussed in my book as well as on the two Cosmic Café shows I had appeared on, which can be viewed on this site.

EDITORIALWe wish to thank Mr. Schroeder again for being a guest on the 3rd Episode of the Cosmic Cafe Show, and also a 2nd Episode which will be broadcast at a later time.  

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