Interested in being a Guest?

Are you an expert in your area of the paranormal?  We would like to hear about it and possibly consider you to be one of our future guests on the Cosmic Cafe Show.

Bear in mind that this show is currently being produced with the assistance of the Mid Peninsula Media Center – therefore our shows are “non-commercial” and therefore cannot “sell” any products or services.  We can however mention a website where someone can go to learn more about you, or the materials you have produced.

Also, since the show is also currently “non-profit” and basically on a mission to have fun, we do not pay any fees for appearances or transportation costs.  We may be able to change our regular date for taping the show, but normally this cannot be changed, due to the schedules our crew keep to accommodate their volunteer time.  Currently the show will only tape one time per month.

Still interested in being a guest?  GREAT!  Please fill out the form, and submit your blood and DNA sample below….. 

Okay, we were kidding about the blood and DNA samples…. But, we’re sure you already knew that!  🙂  

Thanks for submitting your info – we will review it, and if interested one of our Producers will contact you.

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