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This is our LIVE “Evening” Edition, Today’s Date is: January 11, 2016 – Over the next few minutes we are going to highlight what we feel are the best in:

Space, UFOs, Aliens, Abductions, Bigfoot, Ghosts and Hauntings as well as the Video clip which caught our eye today!

0 - PowerBall-MathWait – before we even go to our show’s stories, there has been a bonehead image floating around on Facebook and Twitter and other Social Media today with regards to curing Poverty in America by splitting up the estimated $1.3 Billion #PowerBall jackpot….

00a - PowerBall-MathAny questions class?  And now, back to our show tonight….

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01 - TOP STORY[Top Story]  Before we start today’s headlines, thanks to InterestingEngineering.com for putting out this article about this amazing new tire concept from Goodyear!

It is a revolutionary new tire, which will charge your electric car’s battery as you drive!!!

The science behind this is truly amazing in my opinion, and who knows, was this technology really originally taken from Alien Technology?

Well, that I don’t know, but no matter – I’m glad we are taking more steps forward to energy independence and zero emission vehicles!

Imagine the possibilities of a tire that can recharge your car as you drive… WOW!!!

Article’s Link:  http://interestingengineering.com/goodyears-a-new-tire-design-can-charge-your-car-as-you-drive/

02 - Space UFOs[Space / UFO] First up on today’s headlines for Space and UFOs – Congrats to the movie box office hit “The Martian” for their #GoldenGlobes win!  And we are appreciate our friends over at NASA for posting this awesome image of the planet Mars!

03 - Aliens ETs[Aliens] For our Aliens and Extraterrestrials category today, we have according to a tweet sent out by Jim Harold (@THEJimHarold) this interesting question:

How would religion respond to Extra Terrestrials?

According to their article, which starts off with the statement:

It has now been almost two weeks since the press conference in Guizhou, China announcing that a recurring radio broadcast which appeared to be coming from NGC 6809 (a globular cluster located in the night sky near the constellation Sagittarius) is not a natural phenomenon.

The full article is an interesting read, and I’ll supply the full link with the show’s recap.

I guess it would mostly depend on which Religion!  Some belief systems would certainly embrace ETs much better than other religions.

Article Link: http://religiondispatches.org/how-would-religion-respond-to-extraterrestrials-a-thought-experiment/

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05 - Abduction Experiencer[Abduction / Experiencer] Thanks to Entertainment Weekly (@EW) for tweeting out this disturbing news…

The network TBS greenlights Comedian Conan O’Brian’s (@ConanOBrien) new comedy show which will no doubt poke fun at Alien Abduction Support Groups!

Is this actually a blessing in disguise?  Maybe so, even using comedy and humor to educate can be an effective medium – that is precisely what this show does!

06 - Bigfoot[Big Foot] Tonight we have two great Bigfoot stories which I could not decide on which was better, so I’m giving you both!

First, more comedy, from our friends at Baking with Bigfoot (@Baking_Bigfoot ….
Sorry, I just remember watching this guy on PBS when I was a kid back in the 1970s!

06a - BigfootNext, today in Bigfoot History, it was 17 years ago on January 11th that a news report claims to have discovered a “zipper” in the most famous of all bigfoot footage!  Is it a zipper?  Humm not sure, let me know!

Thanks to Bigfoot Lunch Club for that….

Wait…. WTF – we have Baking with Bigfoot and Bigfoot Lunch Club as 2 different organizations?

That’s really odd.  We don’t have Baking with UFOs or Aliens and the counter part of UFO Lunch Club or Alien Lunch Club!

What’s going on here?  Any ideas!  Huh, very odd indeed!  Do they bake it first, then eat it?… Just askin’ – Very Odd…..

07 - Ghost Haunting[Ghosts / Hauntings] Thanks to KTLA 5 (@KTLA) for posting out this haunting observation of the late David Bowie’s final album, which was released just 2 days before he actually died!

According to the article, his album hints of his impending death due to Cancer!

But, on another thought, if David Bowie does become a Ghost, which haunts your house, how awesome would that be to be serenaded by him each and every night?….

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Today’s Video which caught our Eye is:

We actually had two short videos – no links, so please watch them in the show’s main video:


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