Jennifer Hosel’s Bio

Jenny-Hosel_150x150Jennifer Hosel is the Tech Manager for Alameda Paranormal Researchers.

She acquires, builds, modifies and maintains a variety of equipment, and trains team members to use the items in the field.

She has been with the team for five years and participated in investigations throughout the country. Some of her favorite places to investigate include, the USS Hornet in Alameda CA, Birdcage Theater in Tombstone AZ, and Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park near Porterville, CA.

Her favorite aspect of investigating is getting the opportunity to learn about the history of locations. She has been less active in investigations lately, as she gave birth to her daughter, Corlis, in January 2014.

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  1. Hiya Jenny! Hope all is well. Dont let them haunt you to much. If you want come and visit in Florida.
    An old friend. (almost ghostly). 🙂

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