March 01, 2016 – Daily Specials of Today’s Paranormal Headlines + Video!

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Today’s Date is: March 1st, 2016 – and over the next few minutes we are going to highlight what we feel are the best in:

Space, UFOs, Aliens, Abductions, Bigfoot, Ghosts and Hauntings as well as the Video clip which caught our eye today!


16-0301 - Daily Specials - videoLINK:


01 - Top Story[Top Story]  Before we start today’s Paranormal headlines, thanks to Iamred Bot (@IamRedBot) for this top story today….

Did Google Earth image the crashed Roswell flying saucer, partially covered by trees?

Could this be the mythical Roswell flying saucer?  Maybe I should see about getting Jesse Marcel on the show one day soon to ask him for his opinion….

Article Link:

02 - Space-UFO[Space / UFO]  First up on today’s Space and UFO headlines, Check out this still shot from KSAT 12 (@ksatnews) which is from a video over the skyline of San Antonio Texas…

It is very peculiar indeed, which is why it is my featured video clip for the day, and also just to make your life better, I’ve included the full article link posted by KSAT News!

Article Link:

03 - Aliens[Aliens]  For our Aliens and Extraterrestrials category today,  hat tip goes to McMaster University for posting this intriguing question…

“What is extraterrestrials are trying to contact us and we didn’t hear it?”

Article Link:

05 - Alien Abduction[Abduction / Experiencer]  Thanks to The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) for this post…

Could it be true?  They claim that more people have been abducted, or claim to have been abducted by Aliens, than the Membership in the KKK…  WTF?  Does the KKK actually publish their membership roster?  Just asking…..

Article Link:

06 - Bigfoot[Big Foot / Sasquatch / Yeti]   Now this is exciting, first, thanks to West Coast Pirates (@WCPiratesBrand) for posting this compelling “evidence” that the legendary #Bigfoot was spotted on Vancouver Island…

Article Link:

07 - Ghost Haunting[Ghosts / Haunting / Poltergeists]   Thanks to the Daily Express (@Daily_Express) for this terrifying picture of the inside of a spooky, abandoned jail which has been vacant for more than 40 years….

Well, “vacant” of at least “living” beings…..  Perhaps ghosts are still haunting its halls?

Article Link:

10 - Wildcard - Psychic[Wildcard / Psychics] Thanks to the Jamison Twins (@PsychicTwins) for posting this boastful tweet today about their super success of surpassing over 300,000 subscribers today!

I just wonder if they saw it coming?……  😉  LOL!

Their YouTube Channel:

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