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Today’s Date is: March 4, 2016 – and over the next few minutes we are going to highlight what we feel are the best in:

Space, UFOs, Aliens, Abductions, Bigfoot, Ghosts and Hauntings as well as the Video clip which caught our eye today!


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01a - Top Story[Top Story]  Before we start today’s Paranormal headlines, thanks to Mr. #YearInSpace Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) it looks like a picture of the typical “Thanksgiving Dinner”

But this dinner was held last night at Astronaut Scott Kelly’s home with his close friends and family!

“My first dinner at a table on Earth! More than food, I missed the dining experience while away on my #YearInSpace” ~ Scott Kelly

02a - Space UFOs[Space / UFO]  First up on today’s Space and UFO headlines,  thanks to (@DiscloseTV) for posting this stunning pic of a #UFO Cloud over Hong Kong!

Article Link:

03a - Aliens ETs[Aliens]  For our Aliens and Extraterrestrials category today, thanks go out to Speede News (@SpeedeNewsFlash) for posting this interesting story by WorldTruth.TV which claims to have pictures of Extraterrestrial Beings!  Some of these beings are said to be 10 feet tall.  Lots of great info, go read the full story!

Article Link

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06a - Bigfoot[Big Foot / Sasquatch / Yeti]   And speaking of the big furry fella, newly shaven…  LOL!!!

This is very interesting, but first, thanks go out to Chris Cliff (@ParaRational) over at Pararational for tweeting out this very interesting “what-if” story about two boys who may have discovered the decomposed remains of a Bigfoot!

If this is in fact real, then this could be the “smoking gun” and a huge breakthrough!

Article Link:

07a - Ghost Hauntings[Ghosts / Haunting / Poltergeists]   Thanks for the ummmm… Warning from Gareth W Morgan (@thealmightyG) for posting this amazing pic of a shopping cart which is moving around the supermarket on its own.

One “witness” was cited as saying:

‘I turned the corner to find the magic markers and crayons, and there I saw the cart just move smoothly down the isle, and then turn out of sight” – Holly S.

10a - Wildcard - Psychics - Zombies[Wildcard / Psychic / Zombie]   Thanks for the warning from the Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) who today seems to have a bit of a sense of humor….

“China readies plan to confront its zombie problem… Zombie factories, that is”

10b - Wildcard - Psychics - ZombiesSo, let me get this straight, China manufactures Zombies?  Like these Zombies?

Article Link:

Today’s Video which caught our Eye is:

[Video 01] Short link for video:

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