Podcast Guest Resources

Hey, so I have invited you to be a guest on the Podcast for the Cosmic Cafe Show – AWESOME! Here are your resources:

  1. Find the Zencastr.com invite email / link that I had generated and sent to you (Tip: Please check your bulk mail folder if you don’t see it).
  2. Make sure you have a quite place – try to make sure echo and other annoying noises are not around you.
  3. Have a high speed internet connection.
  4. Have a decent USB podcasting microphone.
  5. Why Zencastr and not Zoom? I chose Zencastr because it records high quality audio (and video if we also want to use video for YouTube, etc.) and it will upload those files to my Google Cloud account in the background while you and I are talking. At the end of the show, you only need to stay online for maybe a minute to allow the buffer to finish uploading your high quality audio. This way you will sound FABULOUS and also since I will have your isolated audio file, if you need me to edit out a “flaw” (i.e. cough or dog barking or ???) I can easily do that so you will sound FABULOUS! Also, we will be able to see each other live via “low-res” video during the recording – this will help us with our interaction. The good news is, if we decide to make a high resolution HD video to be used on YouTube or you want it for a future project, we can do that too. The key with Zencastr is WE HAVE OPTIONS! 🙂

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