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The new 2021 Podcasts have started May 12th and include “Daily Specials”, Chef Trojan, Dad & His “Dad Jokes” and “What If?” and many other new exciting features, including “Storytime”. Enjoy and please subscribe, like and share. 🙂

Below is our most recent episode:

0024 – Its a Podcast, rated "R" for "Russem"! who surprises us, and gets crazy with A'ja! Cosmic Café Show's Podcast

Its a Podcast, rated "R" for "Russem"! Award Winning Hollywood Director Russ Emanuel surprises us when he stops by the Café!Russ can't resist A'ja's charms, and he gets really crazy with us!  He also talks about his current projects Staycation, The Assassins' Apprentice and even updates on his award winning film, Occupants!We do manage to talk about Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos' billionaire space race battle!We also wish a few cool people Happy Birthday, for July 21st – including: Ernest Hemingway (1899), Don Knotts (1924), Garry Trudeau (1948), Robin Williams (1951) and Jon Lovitz (1957).Because we went an hour and a half, we decided to skip reading Storytime, but check back on Friday, the next episode.Support the show (
  1. 0024 – Its a Podcast, rated "R" for "Russem"! who surprises us, and gets crazy with A'ja!
  2. 0023 – Its our FIRST Videocast! A'ja wears a smokin' HOT "blu" outfit – We are out of control!
  3. 0022 – Its our looooongest episode yet! A'ja and Jeff Krause are out of control as we talk about the latest MUFON, UFO and Alien Implant reports! We also continue reading "Miss Grief"
  4. 0021 – Its "Hump-Day" and we are now "21"! A'ja is here drinking with me, celebrating our 21st, we talk Alien Implants
  5. 0020 – It's a HOT & Special 4th of July Show! A'ja is here with me to talk food, celebrating the 4th, and we also continue reading "Miss Grief"

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