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Dec 14, 2015 – Today’s Paranormal Headlines + Video!

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This is our new LIVE “Evening” Edition, Today’s Date is: December 14, 2015 – and over the next few minutes we are going to highlight what we feel are the best in:

Space, UFOs, Aliens, Abductions, Bigfoot, Ghosts and Hauntings as well as the Video clip which caught our eye today!

So hang on for The Café’s Daily Specials, cause here they come!

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01 - Top Story[Top Story]  Before we start today’s headlines,  Since the early 1990’s I’ve been a fan of Art Bell.  His resonating baritone voice helped me get through more than one haggard evening working the swing shift…

Thanks for all the shows, and inspiration over these decades, you will truly be missed by me, and I hope that I’m also speaking on behalf of the many patrons of the Cosmic Café – Art, enjoy your precious time with your family!

02 - Space or UFO [Space / UFO]  First up on today’s UFO / Space headlines,  Congratulations to the three Astronauts who safely made it back to earth after spending a very long time on the International Space Station!

03 - Aliens[Aliens]  For our Aliens and Extraterrestrials category today,  in keeping with the Astronaut theme for today – how about this story from Disclose.tv – according to their post, US Astronauts were ordered to NOT report sightings of Aliens or UFOs….  WOW!

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05 - Abduction - Experiencer[Abduction / Experiencer]  And in today’s category for Alien Abductions, and folks I’m sure this is a joke, how about gettin’ yourself some “Alien Abduction Insurance”?  Go check it out from our comical comrades over at HowStuffWorks.com

06 - BigFoot[Big Foot]   Don’t know what to get your kids for Christmas this year?  Can’t find one of those Star Warts thingies they so badly want?….

Well, how about gettin’ them something they will LOVE, the “Authentic” Bigfoot Call….

See, and all you needed to do was watch today’s show, and Uncle Eric helped you out.  You can thank me later from the mental ward at the insane asylum….

07 - Ghosts or Hauntings[Ghosts / Hauntings]   Thanks to Chris Cliff at @ParaRational who tweeted out this story, and it makes sense!  If I was murdered in a home, I’d certainly be a bad assed poltergeist and haunt the heck out of anywhere the murderer lived…. Which hopefully would be a nice San Quentin cell block – ain’t that right Scott Peterson?….

08 - CCSlive slideDo you like these stories? To find them, just search our hashtag…  #CCSlive

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Today’s Video which caught our Eye is:

For today’s video choice we actually found “anything” on the internet, well, YouTUBE, and would you belive we found this video made by Josh who demos the “Authentic Bigfoot Call” for us!

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And that is it for the Café’s Daily Specials – check back tomorrow for what will be on our daily specials menu.

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