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February 25, 2016 – Daily Specials of Today’s Paranormal Headlines + Video!

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This is our LIVE “Daily Specials” Videocast, This being Episode: 81 ~

Today’s Date is: February 25, 2016 – and over the next few minutes we are going to highlight what we feel are the best in:

Space, UFOs, Aliens, Abductions, Bigfoot, Ghosts and Hauntings as well as the Video clip which caught our eye today!


16-0225 - Daily Specials - videoLINK:  https://youtu.be/XNJHwNTTvRQ


01a - Top Story[Top Story]  Before we start today’s Paranormal headlines, thanks to Lockheed Martin (@LockheedMartin) for posting these intriguing pics of their “future” #F35 fighter jets!

Doesn’t that look like it could easily be mistaken as a UFO?

Article Link:  https://www.f35.com/in-depth/detail/top-15-f-35-photos-of-2015?sf21070709=1

02a - Space UFOs[Space / UFO]  And, speaking of UFOs… First up on today’s Space and UFO headlines,  thanks to The Others Report (@TheOthersReport) for posting this very interesting #MUFON Report and image….

02b - Space UFOsI circled what looks like a craft here

02c - Space UFOsAnd then I circled what looks like a beam of light coming “down” from the bottom of the craft!

They have a lot more images and a video!  Below is the link to them!

Article Link:  http://www.theothersreport.com/blog/2012/05/03/mufon-ufo-report-38717-saint-john-nb-nb-ca/

03a - Aliens ETs[Aliens]  For our Aliens and Extraterrestrials category today, thanks to Space Cowboy and Skeene (@SkeeneArt) for posting this amusing image!

I really don’t know what else to say, it is pretty awesome and it looks like an Astronaut is petting an Alien Kitty Kat…..  Well, it does!  LOL!!!

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05a - Abduction Exp[Abduction / Experiencer]  Thanks to Seventeen Conspiracy (@svtconspiracy) for posting this amazing tweet about a guy who is being abducted by aliens right before our eyes…..

“An #Alien abduction in progress”….  LOL!

06a - Bigfoot[Big Foot]   Now this is interesting… Thanks to our buddy Cliff Barackman (@CliffBarackman) for posting this tweet today about:

“Close To Home” a new musical which is based on the big furry fella, the Beloved Bigfoot!

The Hood River Middle School will be hosting this new Musical directed by Rebecca Nederhiser!

Looks like it premiers tonight and will run through March 5th!  If you live near Hood River Middle School, please go support their project, and heck, tell them you heard about it from Cliff and also here on the Cosmic Café Show!  

07a - Ghost Hauntings[Ghosts / Haunting / Poltergeists]   Thanks go out to Rocker Sophia SoG (@Sophia_Sama) for tweeting out this warning – if you want Season of Ghosts at your fav Anime Convention, get them booked now!

10a - Wildcard - Psychics - Zombies[Wildcard / Psychic / Zombie]   Thanks to The New York Times (@NYTimes) for posting this story about “Infestations of Zombie Bees” which are spreading across the United States!

Article Link:  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/26/science/tracking-a-parasite-that-turns-bees-into-zombies.html

{MAIN – Video}

Today’s Video which caught our Eye is:

[Video 01] Short link for video:  https://youtu.be/4J7GaUabtmA

Describing this video:   A FARM RANCHER Captures Spectacular UFO Video!
EXTREME UFO ENCOUNTER! JACK Contacts Thirdphaseofmoon and shares NEW UFO FOOTAGE!

10 Minutes long.

[Video 02] Short link for video:  https://youtu.be/jFO086DRLYU

Describing this video:   BRAVE!! FEMALE HIKER CAPTURES REAL SOUNDS OF BIGFOOT!! – Oregon, USA (2016) – HD

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Search Twitter for #CCSlive to get all our Daily Specials!

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