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Chasing Our Spaceprob.es

There are several fascinating probes that SpaceProb.es has provide with their easy links – including the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (link) which seems to show fairly detailed images on both the dark side and light side of the Moon!


I found out about this via the original CNet.com article, which I have excerpted below:

Like to chase space probes? Track all active ones from moon and beyond

Crave’s Michael Franco talks with the women who built SpaceProb.es, a colorful and easy-to-use new website that schools you on almost 30 active probes in our solar system.

When Ariel Waldman and Lisa Ballard took a look around space-related Internet sites recently, they discovered something missing. There weren’t any sites that provided a comprehensive picture of all the space probes drifting through our solar system. So on Thursday, February 19, the women launched a mission of their own: Spaceprob.es.

The new website delivers the details on 29 active space probes. These, Waldman told me, include any satellite with which we still… Continue reading on CNet.com