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Ellis Byrd’s Bio

Ellis-ByrdBorn in Swindon England

Founder – Gussethunters Paranormal, Gussethunters USA/UK, Gussethunters West Coast
Former Director – Haunted Mansfield Ohio. Bissman Building plus 7 other locations.
Volunteer – USS Hornet Museum

Promoter – Oakland Aviation Museum, San Leandro Train Depot
Author – “What The Hell Was That?“- the trials and tribulations of an English ghost hunter in the USA & Never trust a $20 motel
Honorary member – Alameda Paranormal Researchers.
Television and Radio appearances throughout the USA.
Public Speaker

S2_Book_What-The-Hell-Was-That_Ellis-ByrdEllis Byrd is also an Author of “What The Hell Was That?“- the trials and tribulations of an English ghost hunter in the USA.  Available from Lulu.com & Amazon.com (Kindle)

Promoter – Speedway Events, Oakland Aviation Museum, USS Hornet

Robert H. Evans’ Bio

Bob-EvansRobert Henry Evans JR.
Born January 1ST, 1959
Raised and schooled here in San Francisco, California.
High School GED
Married to HS Sweet Hart in 1977.
Joined US ARMY in 1978 … Honorably Discharged.
Worked several types of jobs.
San Mateo College for Reserve Police Officer’s Class 1998-90
Ran for U.S. Congress, 12TH Congressional District, as a Republican in 1996 and 1998
Started Researching Nibiru, and the Anunnaki in 2006
Was in several Youtube Videos talking about the NASA Satellite Camera Images around 2008, and on several Internet Radio Shows talking about them in 2013
Was a speaker at UFOCON2013, in November of 2013
Was on a few more Internet Radio Shows talking about the Anunnaki with Dr. Sasha Lessin, and his Wife Janet Lessin, early in 2014.

header2[1]To learn more about Bob’s work in the Paranormal, visit his website at: http://www.StarshipsAroundTheSun.com/