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Our 30th TV Station Joined The Cosmic Cafe Today!

TGIF Patrons!

Today we are proud to announce we have reached a new milestone in the growth of our Cosmic Cafe TV Show.

With the addition of Nutmeg TV out of Farmington, Connecticut we now have 30 TV Stations who are broadcasting the Cosmic Cafe Show.


But, it gets even better – with Nutmeg TV‘s 72,000 viewers that puts the Cosmic Cafe Show now at 2 Million+ potential viewers!

Yes, we are really excited that our show is growing so quickly with such success – we are so happy to be just another living example that Public Access Television (PEG TV) can be popular and of value to the public interest!  Thank You for watching!  [CCS]

Welcome Stoneham TV

Happy Friday Patrons,

Today we are excited to announce our 29th Station which is now carrying the Cosmic Cafe Show!


Joining us via our syndicator TelVue is Stoneham TV with 22,000 viewers/subscribers through their Comcast, RCN and Verizon channels in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

We hope your viewers love our show as much as we love producing the Cosmic Cafe Show!  [CCS]

Welcome Chabot College

Hello Cafe Patrons,

Today I’m especially happy to welcome Chabot College TV since they service the San Francisco East Bay Market,  where I happen to currently live!

Finally I can watch my own TV Show on my own local Comcast Channel 27 and/or via the local AT&T U-verse Channel at my house!

Chabot College TV

I’m also very proud to mention that with the addition of my local Chabot College TV Station, they make our 28th TV Station to start carrying the Cosmic Cafe Show!

With the addition of their 90,000 potential subscribers / viewers this pushes the Cosmic Cafe Show’s viewership up to 1.9 Million potential viewers!  [CCS]