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Podcast Season ONE

Podcast Season One Episodes and their respective show notes and guest links will be placed under this post in the menu.

Cartoon Caricature of me Hosting the Cosmic Cafe

A very special thanks to Claire Sheih who drew this Cartoon Caricature of me hosting the Cosmic Cafe! Happy 4th Birthday to the Cosmic Cafe Show!

I would also like to point out that Claire is a fellow CSSSA Alumni, and that is really serendipitous!

The Cosmic Cafe turns 4 Years Old Today!

The Cosmic Cafe Show turns 4 years old today!

Happy Birthday and thank you to my many guests over the years, to our 75+ TV Stations, and most importantly to the thousands of fans, like you, who have supported the Cafe!  There is much more to come…. Stay Tuned! 🙂

Episode 2009 Special Guest Lorien Fenton Host of California MUFON Radio

Special Guest appearance by Lorien Fenton, the Host of California MUFON Radio, which is broadcast on Revolution Radio, and also Lorien Hosts, The Fenton Perspective, which is broadcast on the Inception Radio Network.



Welcome 5 New TV Stations Broadcast “Cosmic Cafe Show”

Happy February 1st, 2016!

Today we are very honored and proud to announce that we have added 5 new, great PEG TV Stations who now also broadcast the “Cosmic Cafe Show”!

We ended 2015 with 60 TV Stations.

Since January 1, 2016 we have increased our Nationwide Broadcast  to 65 TV Stations (See our Station List)

Please help us Welcome:

Amherst MediaAmherst Media – Amherst, MA  – http://www.AmherstMedia.org

Asheville NCCity of Asheville – Asheville, NC – http://www.AshevilleNC.gov

SCHOPEGSchopeg Access 5 – Sharon Springs, NY – http://schopeg.com

Princeton Community TVPrinceton Community TV – Princeton, NJ – http://PrincetonTV.org

Wright State UniversityWSU-TV – WSU, Dayton, OH – http://www.Wright.edu/streaming


If your local PEG TV Station does not yet carry the Cosmic Cafe Show, please reference this directory, and ask them to carry our show, it is still FREE for them to Broadcast our show! (LINK)


Ooops! We “Broke” 40 Stations!

What is that TV News Ad “cliché” –

          If News Breaks – Don’t Blame Us!

Well my Paranormal friends – Today I can officially tell you that the Cosmic Cafe Show has broken 40 TV Stations now Broadcasting our talk show with a potential audience of just over 2.4 Million Viewers!

We are not even finished with our First Season – and we are growing at this break-neck pace with no real advertising budget!

Season II is going to be GREAT – I have booked many new Guests, including one who is very VERY FAMOUS within our UFO / Paranormal Community!  The announcement of this guest will be coming very VERY Soon!

Thank You!
Eric Brown
Producer & Host

IMDb is now showing the Poster for Cosmic Cafe Show

Today we wanted to let everyone know that our official Poster for the Cosmic Cafe Show is now being displayed on our IMDb listing, please take a look and let us know what you think!

LINK:  http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2190852608/tt3686944?ref_=tt_ov_i

The Cosmic Cafe Show is now syndicated on 10 TV Stations!

A small, yet significant milestone was reached today for us with the addition of NEK-TV out of Vermont, we now have 10 Television Stations who are broadcasting the Cosmic Cafe Show.

What also is significant is that with the addition of NEK-TV, they joined us through our second syndicator, TelVue which now joins our first syndicator PEGmedia.

Considering the Cosmic Cafe Show first started as a class project of the Mid Peninsula Community Media Center just 2 months ago, we believe that this is pretty exciting and hope that you will join us in our celebration.

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Episode 1002 – Alien Abductions

The 2nd Episode for Cosmic Cafe is about Alien Abductions, guest Les Velez with OPUS Network talks about how a person can get help if you feel you have been traumatized by an abduction experience!

Have you been a victim of an alien abduction?

Hundreds to thousands of people claim to have been abducted, and subjected to many things including forced examinations of their naked body, medical procedures including impregnation, or having been injected with foreign implants in their body which tracks your every thought and movement!

How does a person who feels they have been abducted deal with this trauma and get help?

To help us find out we have stopping by the Café our good Friend, Les Velez – the Co-Founder of OPUS, which is the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support.

Thanks to everyone involved in the production of the Cosmic Cafe Show.

The Cosmic Cafe is produced through the Studios at the MidPeninsula Community Media Center in Palo Alto, California.

If your TV Station wishes to rebroadcast the Cosmic Cafe, visit our download page on PegMedia.org

Cosmic Cafe Show is now listed on IMDb

Hello Patrons,

We are very proud to announce that our show, “Cosmic Cafe Show” has been ACCEPTED to the IMDb.com database!

LINK:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3686944/


The Production Team members (from the class) were included in this listing, if you find an error in your information, or wish to be removed, then please notify Eric Brown.