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Episode 2001 – Cosmic Cafe Show What Are Experiencers

Welcome to Season II of the Cosmic Cafe Show!

We are excited to be back with a whole new “Virtual Set” which is being powered by the TriCaster 8000 equipment, powered by the AWESOME Crew of Sujoy Sarkar at the PEG Media TV Station of Chabot College which is located in Hayward California!

Be sure to watch our daily updates at: CosmicCafeShow.com/live

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With this Season II Premier show, joining me is Dr. Sasha Lessin and his wife Janet Lessin who will be discussing the Experiencer phenomenon, a true paranormal experience!

Also, there is a surprise guest appearance at the end by Season I guest, Bob Evans! Enjoy!

URGENT! Nibiru approaches our Planet – Report by Bob Evans

Thursday | December 11, 2014 @ 9:15pm (PST)
The following information and photos below were sent to me by Bob Evans who was my guest on Episode 1007 “Leaked Nasa Photos of UFOs” – Bob has many friends globally who are reporting sighting Nibiru….  
Here is his brief report – and information about the Radio Programs he will appear on Friday the 12th, and Saturday the 13th of Dec.
~ Eric
UPDATE @ 11:50pm Dec 11th – see bottom for a pic out of WuHan China!
OK, the first two photos attached (below) here are from my Facebook friend Jennifer, from Orlando Florida …
The first one has her name, time and date on the photo …
The second image sent by Jennifer, was taken from a different camera, looking upward, at the same object seen in the skies, but, the wings are the same as the first photo.

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I will be on the Dr. Sasha Lessin & Janet Lessin Radio Show Friday Night (Dec. 12th) at 5 to 7 PM, PST, and we will be talking about Nibiru being seen in our Skies for the first time in 3,600 years.
I will be on another Radio show, with Ivy West (Name will be given in another e-mail), on Saturday, Dec 13th … (Time will be given in the morning)
I have been on several Radio shows with the Lessin’s, and on a video with the Cosmic Cafe Show, # 1007
~ Bob
UPDATE @ 11:50 pm (PST) Dec. 11th, 2014
My wife just got this image from China thru WeChat.
It was spotted Dec. 11th at 5:00pm in Central China, City of WuHan!!!!
Holy Cow!!!  It looks like one of your pics of Nibiru.
~ Eric