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Congrats to Bob Sitzwohl for “The River” Wins at the Zoomies!

Hello Patrons,

We wanted to congratulate Bob Sitzwhol for his big win Saturday night at the Zoomies!

Bob had won “Audience Favorite” for his production of “The River”.

The Mid Peninsula’s 8th Biannual Zoomies was held at their Studio in Palo Alto California on Saturday evening, April 26th!

To view all the entries you can go to:

Bob is on the Production Team for the “Cosmic Cafe Show” – just in case you had not noticed his name in the credits.  🙂


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Episode 1001 – PILOT – UFO Sightings

Have you seen a UFO?  For today’s Special at the Café we are Brewing up UFO SIGHTINGS!

Some are real, some are faked and some are just Unexplained!  To help us sort this out we have stopping by the Café our good Friend, Ruben Uriarte – the Northern California Director for MUFON – the Mutual UFO Network – Welcome Ruben!

The PILOT Episode for Cosmic Cafe was produced by Eric Brown and the March / April 2014 TV Studio Class at Mid Peninsula Media Center, Palo Alto California.

To learn more about the Mid Peninsula Media Center and their classes, visit: MidPenMedia.org

Thanks to everyone involved including the Teachers, Volunteers and my fellow Class Students.