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0033 – Jesse Marcel joins us and we talk about the Roswell UFO Crash and much more!

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Guest: Jesse Marcel

Website: AirborneMotorWorks.com

Co-Host: A’ja (pronounced: “Asia”)

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Who is Jesse Marcel? He is the grandson of Major Jesse Marcel who became famous in 1947 after the UFO crashed in the New Mexico Dessert.

Jesse stops by the Cosmic Café to let us in on some secrets about upcoming events, including a new movie project, his flying car project being built by his company Airborne Motor Works.

We also learn about a biotech device he invented that helps with your inner balance!

This is the first public interview for Jesse in a long time, and we were lucky enough to have him join us for a nice chat here at the Café.

We talk about this futuristic Mercedes Avatar – it is amazing


We also experimented with the new Twitter #Space and tried live streaming this recording while making it – unfortunately there were some technical difficulties – so I literally pulled the plug on that, but we will try again for Episode 34. Be sure to follow our Twitter account and watch for our #CCSlive hashtags to join in and listen live! 🙂

Lastly, and most importantly, we are now, since Episode 31, adding transcripts to our Podcasts. This opens our show up for hearing impaired individuals, as well as for people who speak English as a 2nd language, and can read English better than when they listen to it.

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Jesse Marcel’s TYPHOON F1 : The World’s First Flying Sports Car!

Jesse Marcel, III

Today it was my pleasure to contribute with purchasing “The Works” and support the TYPHOON F1’s Indigogo Campaign, which just launched this morning!

Jesse Marcel, III is one of our future guests on the Cosmic Cafe Show, and if you don’t recognize his name, but is sounds familiar to you, Jesse is the grandson of Captain Jesse Marcel from the famed 1947 UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

Support the Indigogo Campaign of the TYPHOON F1

Below is a video about the TYPHOON F1

Connecting land dwellers to the sky– the Typhoon represents a leap forward to an amazing future.

Go to Jesse’s Indigogo Campaign to learn more and contribute!   LINK

Thanks for helping, even if it is just a small amount, every contributor to the campaign will help bring the future to today!

Also, please stay tuned friends, I will be announcing Jesse’s appearance on the Cosmic Cafe Show, to talk about this campaign for the TYPHOON F1, and maybe I will even be able to get Jesse to discuss what his Grandfather told him, with regard to the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

Eric Brown
Host / Producer
Cosmic Cafe Show