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Star Trek’s Tracee lee cocco visits the cafe

Actor, Tracee Lee Cocco (you may know her as Lt. Jae on #Star Trek) stops by the Cosmic Cafe to talk about her encounters with the Paranormal, her friendly #ghost “Fred” that time when she saw a #UFO, and also that orb on the #haunted ship, The Queen Mary!

This is the full 13 minute interview with Tracee Lee Cocco

The Cosmic Cafe’s Podcast

We are using SoundCloud to facilitate hosting our podcasts. This is the playlist for our Podcasts, so as we add new “Daily Specials” it will automatically be updated. Enjoy and please like and share. 🙂

Welcome 5 New TV Stations Broadcast “Cosmic Cafe Show”

Happy February 1st, 2016!

Today we are very honored and proud to announce that we have added 5 new, great PEG TV Stations who now also broadcast the “Cosmic Cafe Show”!

We ended 2015 with 60 TV Stations.

Since January 1, 2016 we have increased our Nationwide Broadcast  to how to write a lab report fausse ordonnance cialis https://reprosource.com/hospital/order-cialis-online-greece/72/ https://www.rmhc-reno.org/project/how-do-i-write-a-essay-about-myself/25/ alexander pope essay on man analysis epistle 1 essay about shoppers purchase a literature review cialis kwikmed analytical essay on rabbit proof fence persuasive essay about school uniform analyze the spread of buddhism in china essay anti animal rights essay https://www.cen.edu/notice/david-hume-essays-moral-political-and-literary-sparknotes/24/ audison thesis th k3 cialis kaboom sample thesis layout click buy propecia online with prescription source link https://dsaj.org/buyingmg/thyroid-test-to-follow-synthroid/200/ persuasive paper example academic article about facebook click here epocrates viagra essay on warrior ethos benzo b carbazole essay efecto del viagra masticable http://yogachicago.com/pills/brand-female-viagra/25/ https://sugarpinedrivein.com/treatment/correct-way-use-levitra/10/ personal statement for criminology https://www.myrml.org/outreach/draft-of-thesis-proposal/42/ buying essay papers online 65 TV Stations!  (See our Station List)

Please help us Welcome:

Amherst MediaAmherst Media – Amherst, MA  – http://www.AmherstMedia.org

Asheville NCCity of Asheville – Asheville, NC – http://www.AshevilleNC.gov

SCHOPEGSchopeg Access 5 – Sharon Springs, NY – http://schopeg.com

Princeton Community TVPrinceton Community TV – Princeton, NJ – http://PrincetonTV.org

Wright State UniversityWSU-TV – WSU, Dayton, OH – http://www.Wright.edu/streaming


If your local PEG TV Station does not yet carry the Cosmic Cafe Show, please reference this directory, and ask them to carry our show, it is still FREE for them to Broadcast our show! (LINK)


Welcome to our 46th Station – Telluride TV in Colorado

How Awesome is this, today we just added our 46th TV Station to carry the Cosmic Cafe Show!


Better yet, they are in one of my favorite locations to visit – Telluride, Colorado!  I’m certainly going to give them a call the next time I’m in Colorado – I’d love to stop by and say hello!

Thanks Telluride TV for carrying the “Cosmic Cafe Show” we hope that your audience loves our show as much as we love producing it.

If you like the show, please let them know by sending them an email.

~ Eric

P.S.  All new episodes of Season II will start in June 2015.  With Season II, the episodes will go to the Stations first, then after 1 month, the new episode will be available via this website.


Episode 1010 – Researching Hauntings and the Paranormal

For today’s Daily Special at the CafĂ© we are Brewing up frightful Hauntings and Paranormal events!

What is going on? Why are more Paranormal events happening?

To help us answer these questions today is Sommer Carter, founder of the Alameda Paranormal Researchers, and who has been deeply involved with solving these questions and researching these bone-chilling haunting and paranormal events for over five years now…

Sommer also shares with us the movie project she recently participated in, which was based on the hit book: A Brush With Evil.

To Read Sommer’s Bio – click here

Episode 1006 – Researching The Haunting of the USS Hornet

For today’s Daily Special at the CafĂ© we are Brewing up the Question of what is causing these frightful Paranormal events and Haunting of Alameda’s famous USS Hornet – felt to be the most Haunted war ship in history!

What is going on with this Aircraft Carrier? Why are more Paranormal events happening on this Ship than other war ships? Is it even safe anymore to go in to the dark inner cavity of this famous Ship?

To help us answer these questions is Mrs. Jennifer Hosel who has been deeply involved with solving these questions and researching these bone-chilling haunting and paranormal events for over five years now!

Episode 1004 – Paranormal Phenomena!

For this show’s Daily Special at the CafĂ© we are Brewing up Paranormal Possessions!

Have you been a victim of a Paranormal Possession?

Hundreds even thousands of people claim to have had a paranormal possession, something that has disturbed them so greatly they are even afraid to tell their own spouse about it.

How does a person get help when they feel they can’t even talk to their own loved ones?

To help us find out we have stopping by the CafĂ© another good friend, Doctor June Steiner – the current President of OPUS, which is the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support.

Secretary of State Cordell (served: 1933-1944) Hull Saw Aliens!

EDITORIAL:  You want credibility for an Alien and UFO sighting?  Well my friends, read on, this one blew my mind!  And yes, I think this guy has tons of credibility!  Thanks for Filer’s Files #24 (2014) for this!  CCS

Secretary of State Cordell Hull
Secretary of State Cordell Hull

Washington D.C. — William E. Jones Ohio MUFON reports, “This information has recently been given to researchers by descendants of Secretary of State Cordell Hull who was the longest serving Secretary of State. He held the position for 11 years (1933–1944) in the administration of President Franklin Roosevelt and during much of World War II.

Hull received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945 for his role in establishing the United Nations, and was referred to by President Roosevelt as the “Father of the United Nations“.   He told his family he saw four large glass-like jars holding four creatures and a wrecked round craft of some kind being kept in a subbasement in the US Capitol building in 1939. Continue reading Secretary of State Cordell (served: 1933-1944) Hull Saw Aliens!

Episode 1002 – Alien Abductions

The 2nd Episode for Cosmic Cafe is about Alien Abductions, guest Les Velez with OPUS Network talks about how a person can get help if you feel you have been traumatized by an abduction experience!

Have you been a victim of an alien abduction?

Hundreds to thousands of people claim to have been abducted, and subjected to many things including forced examinations of their naked body, medical procedures including impregnation, or having been injected with foreign implants in their body which tracks your every thought and movement!

How does a person who feels they have been abducted deal with this trauma and get help?

To help us find out we have stopping by the CafĂ© our good Friend, Les Velez – the Co-Founder of OPUS, which is the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support.

Thanks to everyone involved in the production of the Cosmic Cafe Show.

The Cosmic Cafe is produced through the Studios at the MidPeninsula Community Media Center in Palo Alto, California.

If your TV Station wishes to rebroadcast the Cosmic Cafe, visit our download page on PegMedia.org

Les Velez’s Bio


Graduate of the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. Beginning in September of 1970 served in the US Army, as field artillery officer and is presently VP of Luscombe Engineering, a Silicon-Valley based manufacturer’s representative company.

Les joined MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, in 1991 and has held the following positions: Field investigator, Training Coordinator for field investigators, the Assistant State Director in Northern California, Chairman of the AERC (Abduction Experiencer Research Committee), and team leader of the ART (Abduction Response Team).

Also, during this time, he became a facilitator for an abduction support group in San Jose California and in 1994 co-founded OPUS the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support, www.opusnetwork.org .