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Welcome 5 New TV Stations Broadcast “Cosmic Cafe Show”

Happy February 1st, 2016!

Today we are very honored and proud to announce that we have added 5 new, great PEG TV Stations who now also broadcast the “Cosmic Cafe Show”!

We ended 2015 with 60 TV Stations.

Since January 1, 2016 we have increased our Nationwide Broadcast  to 65 TV Stations (See our Station List)

Please help us Welcome:

Amherst MediaAmherst Media – Amherst, MA  – http://www.AmherstMedia.org

Asheville NCCity of Asheville – Asheville, NC – http://www.AshevilleNC.gov

SCHOPEGSchopeg Access 5 – Sharon Springs, NY – http://schopeg.com

Princeton Community TVPrinceton Community TV – Princeton, NJ – http://PrincetonTV.org

Wright State UniversityWSU-TV – WSU, Dayton, OH – http://www.Wright.edu/streaming


If your local PEG TV Station does not yet carry the Cosmic Cafe Show, please reference this directory, and ask them to carry our show, it is still FREE for them to Broadcast our show! (LINK)


Welcome to our 46th Station – Telluride TV in Colorado

How Awesome is this, today we just added our 46th TV Station to carry the Cosmic Cafe Show!


Better yet, they are in one of my favorite locations to visit – Telluride, Colorado!  I’m certainly going to give them a call the next time I’m in Colorado – I’d love to stop by and say hello!

Thanks Telluride TV for carrying the “Cosmic Cafe Show” we hope that your audience loves our show as much as we love producing it.

If you like the show, please let them know by sending them an email.

~ Eric

P.S.  All new episodes of Season II will start in June 2015.  With Season II, the episodes will go to the Stations first, then after 1 month, the new episode will be available via this website.


Our 30th TV Station Joined The Cosmic Cafe Today!

TGIF Patrons!

Today we are proud to announce we have reached a new milestone in the growth of our Cosmic Cafe TV Show.

With the addition of Nutmeg TV out of Farmington, Connecticut we now have 30 TV Stations who are broadcasting the Cosmic Cafe Show.


But, it gets even better – with Nutmeg TV‘s 72,000 viewers that puts the Cosmic Cafe Show now at 2 Million+ potential viewers!

Yes, we are really excited that our show is growing so quickly with such success – we are so happy to be just another living example that Public Access Television (PEG TV) can be popular and of value to the public interest!  Thank You for watching!  [CCS]

The Cosmic Cafe Show is now syndicated on 10 TV Stations!

A small, yet significant milestone was reached today for us with the addition of NEK-TV out of Vermont, we now have 10 Television Stations who are broadcasting the Cosmic Cafe Show.

What also is significant is that with the addition of NEK-TV, they joined us through our second syndicator, TelVue which now joins our first syndicator PEGmedia.

Considering the Cosmic Cafe Show first started as a class project of the Mid Peninsula Community Media Center just 2 months ago, we believe that this is pretty exciting and hope that you will join us in our celebration.

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