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The Cosmic Cafe’s Podcast

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The new 2021 Podcasts have started May 12th and include “Daily Specials”, Chef Trojan, Dad & His “Dad Jokes” and “What If?” and many other new exciting features, including “Storytime”. Enjoy and please subscribe, like and share. 🙂

Below is our most recent episode:

0026 – This is the audio version of our 2nd Vidcast with A'ja and Straight Talkin' Mike! Cosmic Café Show's Podcast

We talk about the new Pegasis Virus / Malware Threat, the dangers of Crypto Currency and the threat from the Central Banking System on crypto!We also discuss other current events, celebrate birthdays, historic events, cool paranormal stuff!  Like our other shows, this show is really funny, trust me, you don't want to miss it, and we talk about some secret upcoming guests, and also what we did over on Patreon!And with this Podcast, you can also have the option to watch it on YouTube, Facebook or directly on the CosmicCafeShow.com website!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/cosmiccafeshow)
  1. 0026 – This is the audio version of our 2nd Vidcast with A'ja and Straight Talkin' Mike!
  2. 0025 – We talk about stuff, tease Mike and finally read Storytime!
  3. 0024 – Its a Podcast, rated "R" for "Russem"! who surprises us, and gets crazy with A'ja!
  4. 0023 – Its our FIRST Videocast! A'ja wears a smokin' HOT "blu" outfit – We are out of control!
  5. 0022 – Its our looooongest episode yet! A'ja and Jeff Krause are out of control as we talk about the latest MUFON, UFO and Alien Implant reports! We also continue reading "Miss Grief"

Eat 3.14 with Hollywood Director Russ Emanuel

Come in and share some International 3.14 with us today at the Cosmic Cafe!
We have joining us, multi-award winning Hollywood Director Mr. Russ Emanuel who is talking about a few of his upcoming projects, including “The Assassins Apprentice” written by Screenwriter Paul Hickman!
By the way, Russ recommends you order the Meatloaf off the Vegan menu…