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Episode 2002 – Are Aliens Demons?

Welcome to Season II of the Cosmic Cafe Show!

We are excited to be back with a whole new “Virtual Set” which is being powered by the TriCaster 8000 equipment, powered by the AWESOME Crew of Sujoy Sarkar at the PEG Media TV Station of Chabot College which is located in Hayward California!

With this Season II second show, joining me is Bret Lueder, author of the book “The UFO Hunter’s Guide”.

Be sure to watch our daily updates at: CosmicCafeShow.com/live

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I will be discussing with Bret Lueder the topic: Are Aliens Demons?


Note:  The video for this episode is now available nation wide on one of our Public Access TV Stations.  In November 2015 the video will be available here.  If you live in area that currently does not broadcast the Cosmic Cafe Show, then ask your local Public Access TV Station to carry the Cosmic Cafe Show, its FREE for them to Broadcast.

We keep GROWING – Thanks Bourne Community TV for being #41

Today we grew once again by adding another GREAT Community Access Station!

Welcome Bourne Community TV located in Buzzards Bay, MA.

We are now 41+ TV Stations with well over 2.4 Million potential viewers and could not be happier!  What a welcome in to the Month of February.

Eric Brown
Producer & Host

Our 30th TV Station Joined The Cosmic Cafe Today!

TGIF Patrons!

Today we are proud to announce we have reached a new milestone in the growth of our Cosmic Cafe TV Show.

With the addition of Nutmeg TV out of Farmington, Connecticut we now have 30 TV Stations who are broadcasting the Cosmic Cafe Show.


But, it gets even better – with Nutmeg TV‘s 72,000 viewers that puts the Cosmic Cafe Show now at 2 Million+ potential viewers!

Yes, we are really excited that our show is growing so quickly with such success – we are so happy to be just another living example that Public Access Television (PEG TV) can be popular and of value to the public interest!  Thank You for watching!  [CCS]

Welcome Stoneham TV

Happy Friday Patrons,

Today we are excited to announce our 29th Station which is now carrying the Cosmic Cafe Show!


Joining us via our syndicator TelVue is Stoneham TV with 22,000 viewers/subscribers through their Comcast, RCN and Verizon channels in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

We hope your viewers love our show as much as we love producing the Cosmic Cafe Show!  [CCS]

Now 20 TV Stations are Broadcasting the Cosmic Cafe Show

Thanks to CCAT TV in Carver, Mass. we now are being broadcast on 20 TV Stations Nationwide with a potential audience of over 1.1 Million viewers!

We also wish to thank all of our other 19 stations which are also broadcasting the Cosmic Cafe Show – please check them out, they are all listed on our Stations page.


IMDb is now showing the Poster for Cosmic Cafe Show

Today we wanted to let everyone know that our official Poster for the Cosmic Cafe Show is now being displayed on our IMDb listing, please take a look and let us know what you think!

LINK:  http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2190852608/tt3686944?ref_=tt_ov_i