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The Cosmic Cafe’s Podcast

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The new 2021 Podcasts have started May 12th and include “Daily Specials”, Chef Trojan, Dad & His “Dad Jokes” and “What If?” and many other new exciting features, including “Storytime”. Enjoy and please subscribe, like and share. 🙂

Below is our most recent episode:

0031 – Welcome back Jim Webb! Lots of GREAT stuff in our first 2+ hour long show! Cosmic Café Show's Podcast

Its our first 2+ hour long show, packed full of lots of great stuff including Comic Con, Cos Play, Ren Fair, Covid, and the new music from Jim Webb's band playing live in London.Jim Webb's sound clip of him playing at the "Spice of Life jam" in Soho, London.We get to famous birthdays, events in history, and other paranormal thingies.Aja's new Twitter @FairyBlckMother   https://twitter.com/fairyblckmotherEnjoy the show!Feedback send it to: CosmicCafeShow@Outlook.comSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/cosmiccafeshow)
  1. 0031 – Welcome back Jim Webb! Lots of GREAT stuff in our first 2+ hour long show!
  2. 0030 – Its our "dirty 30" hump-day show for Sept 1, 2021 – enjoy the dirt!
  3. 0029 – We're Back! Thanks to George! Oh! And we finish Ms. Grief on Storytime!
  4. 0028 – We spook-out and get paranormal on this Friday the 13th! We also get to another segment of Storytime!
  5. 0027 – A'ja and I return to wish Jeff Krause "Happy Birthday"! We also go crazy with antics and also get to another segment of Storytime!

LexMedia TV is our 45th Syndicated Station!

Thank to the great LexMedia PEG TV Station in Lexington Massachusetts for being our 45th syndicated station to carry the Cosmic Cafe Show!

1784249[1]Lexington is a town located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 31,394 at the 2010 census, in nearly 11,100 households. Settled in 1642, this town is prominent for being the site of the first shot of the American Revolutionary War, in the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775, colloquially known as the “Shot heard round the world” when news spread about the revolution. It is part of the Greater Boston Area and the sixth wealthiest small city in the United States.