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Sommer Carter’s Bio

Sommer-CarterSommer is an Engineer by day and a paranormal investigator by night.  She has traveled the globe in search of paranormal phenomena and has worked with investigators all around the world.  She is the founder of the resident paranormal team to the USS Hornet museum, Alameda Paranormal Researchers.  She has combined her love of philanthropy with her curiosity of the paranormal by coordinating fundraising events for haunted historic locations throughout the United States.
You can find work by Sommer on the Bio Channel, various web and radio shows, local magazines and newspapers, and on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.  She recently wrapped filming on a paranormal themed documentary titled “A Brush with Evil” that is due out early next year.
Alameda-Paranormal-ResearchSommer takes a science based approach to investigating the paranormal and can be found often experimenting with new and existing technologies and ideas to take her investigation techniques to the next level.  She hopes to capture her most head-scratching moments on film to share with the world or at the very least have fun with it all.

Episode 1006 – Researching The Haunting of the USS Hornet

For today’s Daily Special at the Café we are Brewing up the Question of what is causing these frightful Paranormal events and Haunting of Alameda’s famous USS Hornet – felt to be the most Haunted war ship in history!

What is going on with this Aircraft Carrier? Why are more Paranormal events happening on this Ship than other war ships? Is it even safe anymore to go in to the dark inner cavity of this famous Ship?

To help us answer these questions is Mrs. Jennifer Hosel who has been deeply involved with solving these questions and researching these bone-chilling haunting and paranormal events for over five years now!

Ellis Byrd’s Bio

Ellis-ByrdBorn in Swindon England

Founder – Gussethunters Paranormal, Gussethunters USA/UK, Gussethunters West Coast
Former Director – Haunted Mansfield Ohio. Bissman Building plus 7 other locations.
Volunteer – USS Hornet Museum

Promoter – Oakland Aviation Museum, San Leandro Train Depot
Author – “What The Hell Was That?“- the trials and tribulations of an English ghost hunter in the USA & Never trust a $20 motel
Honorary member – Alameda Paranormal Researchers.
Television and Radio appearances throughout the USA.
Public Speaker

S2_Book_What-The-Hell-Was-That_Ellis-ByrdEllis Byrd is also an Author of “What The Hell Was That?“- the trials and tribulations of an English ghost hunter in the USA.  Available from Lulu.com & Amazon.com (Kindle)

Promoter – Speedway Events, Oakland Aviation Museum, USS Hornet