Nibiru By Jennifer

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Nibiru By Jennifer | Bob Evans

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  1. This photo is just like the one I snapped today. I took four fotos. Only ONE showed the mysterious little “star” at the lower left of the Sun. Only thing is the haze was just odd today. And had a bit of a orangey reddish hue. The three other fotos I took did NOT show the little star. Our Sun on the first two looked like the Sun had a short wide sunny bright line through it. And the third photo had the little star the fourth has zilch. I suggest look up the Hopi Blue Kachina prophecy. It discusses the end of the Fourth world we r currently in and the Fifth World and the insanity that will pass between the two worlds. It will have to be. It’s to give the earth a cleansing. Pray to Jesus. And ask your souls be forgiven. Nibieru/nemesis/ blue kachina/planet x is coming. I suspect we don’t really see it because it’s oscillating around our Sun during the day and the haze of chemtrails/fog/clouds . Pray.

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